Kodaks' Ofoto service launches in Europe on September 22.

Apple US works with Ofoto to print the images that iPhoto users are able to order using the application, suggesting the same service will soon be extended to Europe.

Ofoto Europe's vice president Andreas Sautter said: "Ofoto can certainly see the Mac community's wish to extend iPhoto's service to Europe, but we cannot confirm it is taking place."

He confirmed his company is "very happy with the existing relationship" with Apple in the US.

The Ofoto launch comes just days after Apple Expo Paris (September 16-20) ends. "The timing is good for us because it's just after the summer holidays and just before Christmas."

Sautter explained how Ofoto's own-branded service will operate in Europe upon launch: "We will have four Web sites, one in English, with prices in sterling, and sites in German and French, plus an English site with prices in Euros, aimed at the Benelux countries."

Services will be tailored for different territories – support for local payment-methods will be in place, for example. The sites also offer registered members hosting for albums of digital images, with no ceiling on the size of archive that individual users can keep, Sautter said.

Users can specify the identity and size of images they want printed, with orders arriving in 2-3 days. Ofoto uses Kodak technologies, such as Kodak Image Science, and prints on high-quality Kodak paper.

Ofoto's Web-site features are mostly built-in HTML, meaning it works "equally well on Mac or PC", Sautter said. Users can also invite others to view albums archived on the Ofoto site. A password system is in place to ensure visitors can see only those images they are invited to view.

Along with its archiving, sharing and print ordering features, the Ofoto service also offers a selection of online image-editing tools. These include cropping, red-eye reduction, customizable image-framing, artistic effects, colour tinting, and a selection of image-enhancement tools.

Prices start at around 34p for a single 6-x-4 print, rising to £2.49 for a 12-x-8 print, with delivery starting at 99p for 1-19 images. Sautter also confirmed that Ofoto is not responsible for assembling the photo books US iPhoto users can order online.