OFTEL has increased the pressure on BT to meet its targets for unbundling the local loop by publishing technical guidelines for loop unbundling.

These propose the equipment operators can install on the network to provide high-speed information services over unbundled local loops. These guidelines are known as the ‘Access Network Frequency Plan’, and are necessary to make sure that equipment installed by an operator does not interfere with other operators’ equipment.

Previously, OFTEL had asked an industry group to advise it on the issue, but that group failed to reach consensus. OFTEL has published the draft proposals so companies can have an idea of what equipment will be permitted for use on unbundled local loops.

David Edmonds, director general of telecommunications, said: "OFTEL set a challenging timetable for loop unbundling and I am determined to ensure that timetable is met. Since industry was unable to reach a consensus on the issue, OFTEL’s guidelines set out a balanced solution to strike a balance between the different views expressed so far."

Operators have 28 days to respond to the proposal, OFTEL will publish the final decision in July, the full document is available here.