Oki is looking into implementing Rendezvous support in its printer range, Graham Lowes, business product manager of Oki UK confirmed to Macworld UK yesterday.

Speaking at the launch of the company’s new C7000 and C9000 range, he said that, though Rendezvous support is not yet built into the company’s revamped, high-speed LED printers, upgrades are made during Oki products' lifespans. “We are definitely looking at Rendezvous,” he said.

Should it plump for Rendezvous, Oki will join printer manufacturers Hewlett-Packard, Epson, Lexmark, Canon and Xerox in adopting Apple’s now open-source standard. Beyond print, Philips, Sybase and World Book have also announced support for Rendezvous in current or future products.

Rendezvous exploits industry standard networking protocols and zero configuration technology to identify and connect devices over any IP network, including Ethernet and 802.11. It’s built in to Mac OS X 10.2.

Many more companies are reputed to be examining the technology, which Apple CEO Steve Jobs believes exemplifies the strength of an open-standards-based approach to solutions development in IT.