Omni Group has updated its Mac OS X Web browser OmniWeb to version 4.1.

New features include much-improved Java and JavaScript support, improved cascading style-sheet support, and support for Netscape-style browser plug-ins, including Flash 6.

One of the browser's killer features has always been its 'compatibility' settings, allowing users to imitate different Web browser solutions. This enables OmniWeb users to access sites that restrict visitors to using certain browsers only. OmniWeb can also disable JavaScript-based pop-up windows, and offers flexible control of cookie preferences, self-updating bookmarks, and ad-filtering controls. Last year, it won an Apple Design Award and a Macworld UK Editors' Choice Award.

In the update, the Cycle Windows keyboard shortcut no longer works, because Apple has introduced a system-wide shortcut in Mac OS X 10.1 to handle the need.

Omni Group has also revealed plans to introduce in OmniWeb 5.something similar to the tabbed-browser feature found in Netscape 7.