Bungie has announced it won’t ship Oni or Halo until later in the year.

Doug Zartman, of Bungie, said: "Oni won't ship till the second quarter of 2000, and Halo not until some point in the latter half of the year."

Zartman added that the entire Myth II development team has been moved to another - top secret - project. When pressed, he refused to say what the project might be - except that "it might" feature the swords and sorcery prevalent in the Myth series.

The delay in the release of Oni has been caused by major changes in its underlying code, all of which will benefit game play. The changes include the addition of two-handed gun play, some major improvements to the graphical user interface (GUI) and new 3D support will extend to both ATI Rage 128 with OpenGL, as well as 3DFXs Glide. Bungie would not confirm that Oni will be a multiplayer game.

Zartman also said that as a result of its new deal with an international distributor, Bungie can now pay closer attention to its games, and less to getting its games into sales channels.