While Mac users wait for Leopard and its Time Machine archiving solution, UK data storage firm Clunk Click has introduced its online data backup solution for Mac OS X.

OnLine Pro for Macintosh OS X is a software-based automatic backup solution that archives Mac user's data to a secure offsite data centre using the internet. Users can recover their lost data whenever they like with a few mouse clicks.

Clunk Click managing director Paul Roberts explains, "We now offer a secure solution that will simplify the backup process for Mac users. They can benefit from cost-effective mirrored offsite backup and storage without the need for additional hardware."

Roberts also extolled the virtues of the software for users of Mac notebooks, pointing out that a regular off-site backup routine can be essential for road warriors.

Once the OnLine Pro for Mac OS X software is installed, users can select which files to back up and when they want the daily backup to happen. Data is automatically encrypted and transmitted each day to mirrored offsite data centres.

A free ten-day trial of the service - which costs from $5 per month - is available.