Macworld Online this week presents an extensive article packed-full of hints to help Mac users on the move stay connected - wherever they are.

Written by Mac and Internet expert, Scott Bartlett, the approachably-written guide offers extensive hints, tips and insights into how he runs his own business - an ISP - on the move.

He covers the need to synchronize, back-up, Bluetooth and WiFi and more, and explains the perils he's faced when using such technologies. Acting on the advice within the piece means most Mac users need never be offline again.

"There is no single, simple answer to keeping in touch from anywhere. Keeping an entire arsenal of options available will give you the most power at your fingertips when you find yourself elsewhere and that important email just has to get through," he writes.

The article is available to Macworld UK magazine subscribers onlly, once they register to use Macworld Online. Macworld UK also offers online only subscriptions. More details on subscription options are available here.

You can read Bartlett's piece here.