MacPlay plans to publish Mac versions of PopCap’s puzzle games, Bejewelled and Alchemy.

The games will ship in the US in early June, costing $19.99 each.

Both titles have been available for online play for some time. The Mac version introduces new features, sound effects, and music, alongside new game modes and high-resolution graphics.

A gem of a title Bejewelled has been played over 12 million times online. It’s a fast gem-matching puzzle in which players swap gems on a board to align at least three in a row, horizontally or vertically, collecting points along the way. The collection disappears when more gems fall into place. Alchemy is a brain-teasing puzzle. Players must transform mundane metals into gold.

John Vechey, president of PopCap Games, said: “We believe that simpler, less complicated games are very appealing to casual users – as evidenced by the success of Bejeweled and Alchemy.”