The pace of music business adoption of the Internet as a means of distribution continues to gather pace with the launch of the industry-backed website., which is supported by an international alliance of musicians, performers, artists, major and independent record companies and retailers, offers information about the different legitimate music download services.

It offers opinions on digital piracy from a wide cross-section of artists, and hosts information about copyright law.

International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) chairman and CEO Jay Berman said: "Apple's US success with its iTunes service is proof that if it's done right, music lovers want to get music in a way that rewards the artists and creators - that is, by paying for it."

Berman explained: "The site is an important resource for news and information about legitimate music online: where to find it, how it works, why it's important and what the artists and creators of music think.

"Once they have visited the site we hope people will stop and think about the impact of their choices as consumers of music. And they can make their own minds up next time someone asks, 'so what's the problem with getting music 'free' on the Internet?'".