ctrlp.com has launched a Web-based print brokerage, aimed at the small business and small office market (SoHo).

According to ctrlp.com, the service simplifies the whole print management process, from collecting quotes and document management, through to tracking delivery and final payment.

The company aims to match the needs of print buyers with the capabilities of printers. The service runs 24 hours a day.

ctrlp.com offers both a quality guarantee to publishers, and a payment guarantee to suppliers.

The original print job can be digitally despatched to the chosen printer, with copies of the artwork archived to ctrlp.com’s server. Two hours after the original quote request, clients are informed of the cheapest quote. The job can then be tracked (securely) through the site until completion, and the invoice paid online with your credit card.

ctrlp.com currently has 70 printers available to it, and 400 more have applied to join the service. The site attracted 81,871 hits in its first week of operation, and has attracted registered customers from all over Europe.