The Camino Project has launched the Camino 1.0 browser for OS X, built on the open-source Mozilla Gecko rendering engine.

The web browser is available as a free download from the project's website.

"I'm incredibly proud of our volunteer team and community, delivering speed, stability, and a wealth of features while still remaining very easy to use," said Mike Pinkerton, the Camino Project's leader.

Described as a fast browser with tight Mac OS X integration, Camino includes built-in technology to block pop-ups and ads, tabbed browsing, and bookmarks and downloads managers.

Like Safari, it uses the system Address Book when filling out forms and saves passwords in the Keychain data store. Camino also reads settings from System Preferences when possible and Spotlight can search Camino's bookmarks. Support for Bonjour networking is included in the bookmarks manager.

Camino uses Mozilla's Gecko rendering engine to display pages, which supports HTML, XHTML, CSS, SVG, MathML and other specifications defined by the World Wide Web Consortium.