OpenOSX has released Office 1.5 for OS X 10.3 (Panther).

This is an easy-to-use solution for configuring, installing and using the open source GNOME Office software, an alternative productivity suite for Macs. This new version offers better Mac OS X integration, new and updated software, better installation and new features.

GNOME is a free desktop environment that is widely used by Linux users. OS X does not offer the support libraries required to run GNOME on OS X natively, but OpenOSX has developed the necessary support to be added to an OS X Mac with a single install.

The developer's work means the GNOME environment will run natively, including Web browser support, Print Center support, linkable files and an all-new OpenOSX Office cocoa-built application that "enables system-wide recognition of supported file types", including Word and Excel files.

The suite includes: “Gnumeric” which reads and writes Microsoft Excel files complete with 100 per cent of the functions of Microsoft Excel; “AbiWord” which is an award-winning open source alternative to Microsoft Word which reads and writes Microsoft Word documents; SodiPodi which is a powerful Vector image manipulation program and Diagram, a complete flexible flowchart software.

The OpenOSX Office product is available immediately for $40 on CD, with download-only delivery available for $30, upgrades from previous versions of the product are $20 on CD and $15 for download.