has released PowerPC and X86 binaries of OpenDarwin-20030212

The release offers a more stable platform for future Darwin development, says the group. It is "intended to fix many of the significant deficiencies in Darwin 6.0.2", the group says.

The release is built on the same source code as Darwin 6.0.2, and does not include local modifications from OpenDarwin CVS. Future releases will include these, the group explains.

The release is available for both PowerPC and X86 systems ? essentially, this open-source group is dedicated to making the Darwin kernel of Mac OS X run on X86 processors. It is a 385MB download. It has not been tested on early generation G3 Macs.

The group released several pre-built packages for common X11-related libraries and applications in January. This release supports Apple's distribution of X11 for X.