The community has released a free Final Beta version of 1.0 X11 for Mac SO X and Darwin.

The launch follows Apple's release of X11 for Mac OS X on Tuesday. is an open-source office productivity suite offering a writing, drawing and spreadsheet application. It can also read and write Microsoft Office documents, and has native support for XML.

The developers say X11 allows users to "benefit from dramatic performance and aesthetic improvements when using X11 instead of Orobor or Darwin".

Other features include printing support for PDF generation, international keyboards, and upgraded font support. The developers expect to release a final version of the application in spring 2003.

A note on the developer's Web site thanks Sun for its help on the project: "Sun has been extremely helpful in support of all the porting projects, including the Mac OS X/Darwin port. In addition to actually releasing the source code under license to the community in the first place, Sun engineers have contributed code, assistance, and support to the Mac OS X/Darwin porting team."