The OpenOffice Group has released the first version of Open Office to build out-of-the box on Mac OS X – though it requires X11 emulation.

The free application comprises word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and drawing programs in more than 25 languages. It supports a wide range of file formats, so users can exchange documents with users of other office-software suites, such as Microsoft Office.

Developer Louise Suarez-Potts says: "The release is functionally equivalent to the final version, which is coming soon. We want users to download this release and try to find the bugs."

"The X11 release is about functionality, not looks. This build is meant for the Darwin community and Unix-savvy MacOS X user community", the developers warn.

The release is available for download.

The developers do not expect to introduce a fully-Mac OS X-compatible version of the product that does not require X11 until at least 2005, The Register reports.