Research-&-development firm Cybernet Systems has launched a Linux port of its OpenSkies multi-player (MMPG) network-engine – with news that a Mac OS X version will soon follow.

OpenSkies allows tens of thousands of players to interact in the same online environment. Previously available only for integration into Windows game systems, the port extends OpenSkies’ availability to game-developers designing on the Linux platform. It will soon be followed by an extension into the Mac OS X operating environment.

Charles Cohen, Cybernet’s vice president of research and development, said: “Our goal is to make OpenSkies’ full massive multi-player capabilities available to developers working on any platform or console. Online gaming is already huge, and consumers are now demanding the ability to access the Internet through their PlayStation 2s and other consoles for online game-playing.

“Completion of the Linux port is a first step in achieving our goal for multi-platform compatibility. Next, Cybernet is working to port OpenSkies to Mac OS X.”