Constellation 3D, developer of Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) technology has announced a licensing deal with optical storage-device manufacturer, Lite-On.

Lite-On will use FMD technology to produce drives for the emerging storage standard. Both companies will collaborate on the development and design of disc drives based on FMD.

Dr Eugene Levich, Constellation 3D's CEO said: "Lite-On is the third largest manufacturer of CD/DVD drives in the world, with a customer base that includes major PC manufacturers. Their marketing and distribution leadership has the potential to enable FMD technology to proliferate through premium brands and to help establish FMD as a technology of choice for next-generation removable-storage devices."

Unlike current CD and DVD technology, FMD offers multiple-fluorescent layers for information storage. FMD delivers a data-transfer rate of 100Mbps, data bandwidth of 12MHz, and 100GB can be stored on a CD-ROM-sized re-recordable disc. The storage media should cost about the same as CD-RWs, and the first wave of products based on the standard are expected to appear this year.

Lite-On will join a consortium to popularize the standard, pay a royalty for FMD device production and may make a strategic investment in C3D, the companies revealed in a joint statement.