Techworld has published an extensive review of Oracle 10g on Mac OS X.

Reviewe David Cartwright writes: "Although it's been available for a variety of platforms over the years – with the various Unix flavours being the most popular – the beginning of 2005 saw the first release for Mac OS X.

"The advent of 10g for Mac OS gave me a smug feeling because a year or so ago I was stood at the Macworld conference telling my audience that Apple's new Xserve server platform would only be taken seriously if the likes of Oracle were to start producing proper, commercial applications."

Cartwright reveals the Mac version to be "little different" from available Linux installations of the database application, and reassures readers that Oracle will support both Intel and PowerPC processors for Mac in future.

He explains that: "The installation process took about half an hour on our G5-based Mac, though at a couple of stages the GUI paused and asked us to run scripts by hand from the command line."

His conclusions imply that the market-leading software works as it should on a Mac, but retains a level of complexity that places Oracle 10g firmly in the enterprise space.

You can read the full review here.