Oracle has announced support for Apple’s rich-media technologies in Oracle8i, signalling a move into the Mac market.

Oracle’s interMedia – a component of Oracle8i, now has support for Apple APIs, QuickTime, QuickTime Streaming Server and Sherlock 2 - Apple’s Internet search detective.

Oracle interMedia now makes it easier to manage and deploy QuickTime media content on the Web from an Apple client, and interMedia utilities now run natively on the Mac.

interMedia can now analyze QuickTime media, and insert it in a remote Oracle8I database. And, using a plug-in for the QuickTime Streaming Server, QuickTime media can be streamed to either a Mac or Windows client.

Support for Apple’s Sherlock 2 means transparent vast amounts of content in Oracle8i can be searched.

The announcement was made at the QuickTime Live! Conference in Los Angeles, and a beta version of the updated interMedia will be available in December.