Following reports that Orbitz is attempting to profit from Mac users by offering them more expensive hotel rooms, the online hotel booking business has responded claiming that they offer the same hotels in search, regardless of the platform.

Orbitz CEO Barney Harford said: "We are not using Mac vs. PC to drive different sort order."

However, Orbitz admits it is personalizing the results according to platform on a separate ‘Recommendations for you’ screen, according to a USA Today report.  

According to the Wall Street Journal report, when Mac users visit Orbitz in search of a hotel, the site may promote more expensive options compared to what Windows users see. The report claimed Mac and PC users will see the same prices on any given room, but Orbitz will try to steer Mac users toward fancier lodging by listing those options higher in search results.

Orbitz's own data backs up the stereotype. Mac users spend 30 percent more per night - about $20 to $30 - on hotels than Windows users, and they're 40 percent more likely to book a four- or five-star hotel. Even in the same hotel, Mac users tend to pick more expensive rooms, the Journal reports.