Apple is preparing to introduce Mac OS X 10.2.5, according to its US Apple Store.

The update costs $19.95 in CD format from Apple. It is not yet available through the Software Update facility of OS X, though Apple says it will be.

An Apple Store note reads: "The 10.2.5 Update delivers enhanced functionality and improved reliability for the following applications, utilities, services, and technologies: Address Book, AirPort, AppleScript, Bluetooth, Classic compatibility, Disk Copy, Disk Utility, Finder, Help Viewer, iChat, Image Capture, IP Firewall, Kerberos, Mail, OpenGL, Print Center, Rendezvous, and Sherlock."

The update also updates security, and improves: AFP; Web services; dial up over PPP and Windows services. It also improves audio, disc recording, graphics, printing and introduces USB, FireWire and SCSI device compatibility enhancements, says Apple.

MacCentral confirms the update hasn't been released yet, saying the Apple Store promises to dispatch Mac OS X 10.2.5 CDs in 1-2 days.