Apple has reportedly seeded two OS X Mavericks updates to its employees this week, ahead of an expected release within the coming months.

In a report published on Thursday, 9To5Mac cites "a source with knowledge of the upcoming updates," who says that the updates are labelled as OS X 10.9.1 and OS X 10.9.2.

The first of the two updates is currently being tested by Apple's software engineering teams, and is expected to be released later in November says the source. OS X 10.9.1 will allegedly serve as a bug-squashing update.

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OS X 10.9.2 could fix further bugs but also bring some minor feature enhancements to OS X Mavericks, according to the report. In previous iterations of OS X, the xx.x.2 update has added iOS-inspired features to the Mac, so 9To5Mac suggests that iMessage blocking and FaceTime Audio could be on their way with OS X 10.9.2.

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Apple has already seeded an individual Mavericks Mail update to developers ahead of its public release. Apple says that the update will improve stability and compatibility with Gmail, and will include fixes for users with custom Gmail settings.

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It is not yet clear when the Mail update will be available for the public to download, but we'll keep you update.

It looks like Apple is already testing OS X 10.10, too. Earlier this week, we reported that the next version of OS X has been spotted in web analytics reports, suggesting that Apple is busy working on the new operating system.

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