Insider Software has announced UpdateAgent X, its software-updating solution revised for Mac OS X.

UpdateAgent X can be configured to automatically download the latest Carbonized versions of software.

Insider Software president Rio Sabadicci said: "The only way to take advantage of Mac OS X is to have Carbon or Cocoa versions of the applications you use."

The program contains update information for around 5,000 products. A fully registered version will determine precisely which updaters are required to bring a unique system up-to-date.

A demo version of UpdateAgent X is available for download from the company. This will display all the files required to bring a system's applications up to date and download all Mac OS 8, 9 and X updates automatically. The fully registered version (which costs $49.95) will download all available updaters for any installed third-party application.

The company believes that its solution is a valuable tool for Macintosh users who want to migrate to Mac OS X.