Apple's efforts to help its users migrate to Mac OS X 10.1 is rapidly approaching critical mass, with Apple's announcement that over 1,400 applications are now available, that run natively on Mac OS X 10.1.

Major applications available now, or destined to ship over the next few weeks include: Adobe's Illustrator 10 and InDesign 2.0, Microsoft's Office v.X for Mac, Alias|Wavefront's Maya, Internet Explorer 5.1, Macromedia's Freehand 10, Procreate's Painter 7 and KPT effects, Corel's Graphics Suite 10 for Mac, FileMaker Pro, many games, Internet security and hundreds of shareware titles. The trickle of applications has become a flood.

Ron Okamoto, Apple's VP worldwide developer relations, said: "Mac OS X is inspiring the application developer community with its innovative technology on every level. The new applications introduced this week and throughout the fall will help complete the transition to Mac OS X."

Apple introduced representatives from Alias|Wavefront, Newtek and Adobe, who demonstrated their applications. Bryan Lamkin, senior vice president from Adobe's Web publishing business unit took the chance to publicly reinforce Adobe's commitment to Apple and to OS X. Responding to Apple's keynote focus on Microsoft's forthcoming X office product, he quipped: "When was the last time Apple showed performance comparisons between a Pentium and a Mac using Word?"

Lamkin praised the OS: "Mac OS X v10.1 provides a reliable and powerful platform for Adobe's publishing product line and will be the preferred, mission-critical publishing environment for many of our Network Publishing customers.

"Mac OS X's strong feature set built on open standards fits directly in line with Adobe's vision of Network Publishing revolution - publish anything, anywhere, on any device," he said.

"Mac OS X v10.1 is the must-have upgrade for anyone using or considering Mac OS X and as such, Microsoft is making it the required minimum version to use for all of our Mac OS X products," said Kevin Browne, general manager, Microsoft's Mac Business Unit in a statement.

Deborah Sauer, general manager, marketing for Nikon: "Mac OS X v10.1 supports all Nikon consumer cameras right out of the box, so it's incredibly easy for Nikon customers to simply plug into and transfer photos to a Mac to edit, store and email digital photos to friends and family."