Apple announced a second update to Mac OS X last night, giving early adopters of its £99 next-generation operating system the freedom to “rip, mix and burn”.

Update 10.0.2 supports CD burning – as Apple CEO Steve Jobs promised when the company released Mac OS X on March 24.

Jobs said: "As promised, CD burning is now available on Mac OS X. We’re improving OS X on a regular basis by using our amazing Internet-based software-update technology."

The software update is available for immediate download to Mac OS X users, using the operating system’s Software Update feature.

Stable, mate Improvements include application stability and the latest version of the Internet file-transfer service.

The iTunes update will allow Mac OS X to burn music CDs as well as display full-screen graphic visualisations of the music as it plays.

iTunes has been downloaded 2 million times since its January 1 debut, Jobs revealed last night. Apple’s free desktop-jukebox imports songs to hard drives from CDs and compresses them into MP3s.

The software organises music using searching, browsing and playlist features, and tunes into hundreds of Internet radio stations. Both updates are free to Mac OS X users.