XLR8 has released a "performance-enhancing" cache utility for Mac OS X – MACh Speed Control X.

The software lets the backside cache run at 2:1 on all Macs equipped with XLR8 upgrades. Supported cards include the MACh Velocity Mpe, the MACh Speed G3 and G4, MACh Carrier and Carrier ZIF processor upgrade cards.

The utility was developed to offer faster performance for users installing Mac OS X on upgraded machines.

OS X evaluation Jack Volk, vice president and general manager of XLR8, said: "There is tremendous demand to evaluate Mac OS X on all the platforms that Apple supports.

“We decided that nothing was gained by users experiencing extremely slow performance upon installing OS X in their machines simply because the cache was not being optimized. This software turns on the backside cache establishing normal operation. It’s that simple.”

The XLR8 MACh Speed Control X backside-cache utility is only effective if its installed on machines already running Mac OS X. It will work with all third-party upgrades, as long as they have at least 1MB of backside cache capable of running at 2:1 ratios. The utility also supports this performance enhancement on upgraded pre-G3 machines running Mac OS X.

Apple does not officially support Mac OS X on pre-G3 machines. Responding to this, XLR8 said: "Although XLR8 does not officially support the installation of OS X on platforms not supported by Apple, we are giving these users the performance to really push the boundaries."

It is necessary to register before receiving the utility.