Nuesoft has released a Mac OS X-compatible version of its US physicians' practice and clinic-management software, NueMD.

It’s an Internet-based ASP (Application Service Provider) solution, based on Sun’s Java platform. The OS X release has been made possible by its “outstanding” support for the Java specification.

Massoud Alibakhsh, Nuesoft’s CEO, said: “Our goal from the outset was to create a purely distributive architecture that would be completely platform-independent. It will allow us to concentrate all our efforts on solving clients’ business problems with our software without worrying about platform-specific issues.”

An Apple a day makes the doctor okay Andy Fragen, a Californian surgeon and Macintosh user, said: “When I found out NueMD could run natively on OS X, I was hooked. Our network consists of both PCs (running Windows 98 and Windows NT) and Macs (running OS X). At no time did NueMD even care which machine I was working on or where I was – office or home.”

Alibakhsh said: “As consumers, we should no longer be dictated to by software vendors as to what brand of hardware we should purchase.”

The solution offers interactive online eligibility (for medical care) verification, Medicare claims submissions, and comprehensive reporting and analytical tools. It’s available to US medical practitioners for a monthly subscription fee, the level of which is dependent on usage. The company has not yet announced plans to extend its solution into international markets. More information regarding the solution is available online.