IT publishers O'Reilly has announced a new series of programming books for Mac OS X developers.

The titles have been approved by Apple engineers, and are recommended by the Apple Developer Connection, the company's online developers-resource.

O'Reilly founder, Tim O'Reilly said: "The underlying kernel of OS X is Darwin, based on FreeBSD, 4.2BSDLite, and Mach 3.0. This means that many open-source tools, including Perk and gawk, are available in OS X. The OS also ships with a built-in Apache server and offers support for Java developers."

The first titles include Learning Carbon (£24.95), Learning Cocoa (£24.95), and AppleScript in a Nutshell (£19.95). The books are expected to ship in the UK in late May and early June 2001.

O'Reilly's online operation – O'Reilly Network – has also opened a Mac-developer centre, DevCenter, to provide news and articles for Mac developers.

"During the coming months, we're going to see the results of open-source ingenuity applied to Macintosh technology," says Derrick Story, managing editor of the O'Reilly Network. "More developers are paying attention to Mac OS X, and that's why the O'Reilly Network has launched the Mac DevCenter to provide one-stop browsing for developers interested in this new technology."