Mac OS X could open up the Mac platform to a spate of hack attacks, a Wired News article claims.

Author Michael Delio suggests that hackers versed in UNIX could take advantage of the UNIX foundation of Mac OS X to create new hacks to assault the platform.

Delio points out that Apple's use of open-source software as the system's core could offer protection against malicious attacks – but only while Apple works closely with open-source groups.

"Open-source developers typically make their programs' source-code freely available. In return, they expect companies making use of their work to give something back to the development community," he says.

Citing the resentment felt by some open-source developers at Apple's refusal to share the code used in its other products – including QuickTime Streaming Server – he warns that the company may not enjoy the open-source community's help when it comes to repairing security issues in its next-generation operating system.

Wired spoke with open-source developer Mike Radison, who said: "Apple has already tried to shut down an open-source development project that would let people create their own themes for Macs."

Apple will actively work with security firms and intends issuing security advice notices to warn its customers of any emerging security problems as Mac OS X becomes more widely adopted, says Wired.