Omni Group is debuting OS X games at the WWDC, which starts today.

The conference, held in San Jose, California, from 21 to 25, will showcase Heavy Metal FAKK 2, as well as Oni, and Star Trek Voyager Elite Force on Mac OS X.

Manny Chao, a company spokesperson, told MacCentral: "Mac OS X will be the best platform for games, and we've got the most talented and experienced engineers for porting games to Mac OS X."

Speed boost She continued: "Successful projects for Omni include Doom II, Quake II, Oni, Heavy Metal FAKK 2, Star Trek Voyager Elite Force, and Quake III Arena. We're finding even with the tiny amount of time we have to port games, we get better frame rates for every game we port on high-end hardware. The sound latency is lower and the graphics are faster."

The Omni Group has developed Mac OS X applications including OmniWeb, OmniGraffle and OmniOutliner. OmniWeb is a Web broswer for Mac OS X. Written in native Cocoa, OmniGraffle makes use of Mac OS X's Aqua interface and is used for diagrams, layouts and flow charts.

OmniOutliner is a tool for outlining and organizing thoughts, tasks and project components.