target="_blank">Helios plans to ship updated server-software and client support for Mac OS X by the time Apple pre-loads its new OS onto new Macs from July.

The products now in beta form include EtherShare 2.6, PCShare 3.0 and EtherShare OPI 2.1.

EtherShare 2.6 software builds powerful UNIX-Mac networks with software that offers Mac utilities such as a mail program and terminal emulation.

Its latest features include AppleTalk implementation with routing support, advanced spooler and printing and UNIX-text-to-PostScript printing.

PCShare 3.0 provides feature-rich Windows NT-compatible file and print servers to unlock UNIX performance.

EthernetShare OPI software speeds up work in layout applications by using small, low-resolution images for document creation. New features include automatic image-replacement during printout, support for Macintosh client, and ColourSync-compatible colour separation.

Other software that will soon be available for Mac OS X include EtherShare Admin, LANTest, Tagger and Touch. These programs fully utilise Mac OS X features, including the Aqua GUI, drag-&-drop and support to manage printer queues.