An online and CD-based Mac OS X training course has been released by, a Web site specializing in interactive multimedia, Web, print, and IT instruction.

Learning Mac OS X is for new users of Mac OS X, Apple’s latest operating system.

The course has more than two hours of movie tutorials, and also includes exercises.
There is an introduction to Mac OS X, and sections dedicated to installing the program; the Finder and the desktop; file-management, system-preferences, printing; and connecting to the Internet.

Demonstrations of the Internet, email, and applications such as iMovie and iPhoto are used to guide users through OS X. There’s also a dedicated area of bonus tips-&-tricks.

The CD-ROM is cross platform, and is available for $29.95 through the store. No UK pricing is available.

The course is also available through the Online Training Library that offers subscribers access to the entire collection of video-based training materials – monthly subscriptions are $25.