Smith Micro Software has released a Mac OS X-native version of QuickLink Mobile, a device that enables USB-equipped Macs to use mobile phones to connect to the Internet.

The solution sets up an account, detects the phone and carrier, and configures Macs accordingly. It then offers an interface to manage and observe connections.

An included USB cable attaches to a data-capable mobile phone. QuickLink Mobile works with mobile phones made by Motorola, Ericsson and T-Mobile.

A complete list of supported phones and carriers is available from the Smith Micro Web site.

The solution has been developed as an alternative to other forms of wireless Internet access, such as Apple's own IEEE 802.11b-based AirPort.

System requirements are a G3 or better; Mac OS X 10.2 or later; USB port; and supported wireless phone and network. QuickLink Mobile for Mac OS X costs $59.95.