The iPod's reliance on specific versions of the Mac and Windows operating systems has come under fire from the press.

Free UK commuter newspaper Metro points out the reliance of the iPod on Mac OS X and Windows 2000 or later. The report says: "Having paid up to £400 for an iPod, those with older Macs or PCs face forking out up to £99 for an upgrade."

The article states that Apple mentions the software requirements on the iPod box, but highlights the plight of Spencer Reeves from Sittingbourne, Kent, who said: "When it reads Mac-compatible, you think it's compatible with all Macs. But it's not. Maybe Apple should say that in big type, not just in the small print."

An Apple spokesman said: "Mac OS X had more than 150 additional features to its predecessor, some of which the iPod needs."