Business Week Online has dubbed Mac OS X "pure gold".

In the article, writer Charles Haddad says "Mac-heads reluctant to spend $130 for the new operating system just can't spot a bargain. This triumph of the programmer's art is pure gold."

Haddad examines those applications currently available for OS X, and points out that Macintosh users on a budget now have the choice of adopting shareware alternatives to many of the applications they use. Haddad cites OmniGroup's solutions as potential alternatives to elements of Microsoft's Office productivity suite.

He concludes: "Cocoa shareware is the best reason to upgrade. I may be cheap but I still love a good adventure. Consider OS X's $130 price tag as admission to a digital Cirque du Soleil. It's going to be in town only for a short while, too. A handful of the shareware developers will see their acts hit the big time, but most will flop and quickly be forgotten. I, for one, don't want to miss out on a peek under the tent before the circus moves out of town."