Intego has announced the availability of its security programs for Mac OS X.

NetBarrier, Content Barrier and VirusBarrier will be released in the second quarter of 2001, although UK pricing for all of the products is a unavailable at this time. NetBarrier, priced at $59, is made up of three modules: Firewall, Antivandal, and Internet Filter.

Content Barrier monitors the Web usage of children to prevent contact with "dangerous" Web sites, chat-rooms, email and newsgroups. The $39 program also has features to optimize employee productivity by limiting Internet access.

Safe X VirusBarrier provides protection against "all" Macintosh viruses, and, a Palm OS version is also available priced at $49.

Internet Security Barrier is a $99 suite comprising NetBarrier, VirusBarrier and ContentBarrier.

Intego has recently acquired DiskGuard, FileGuard and Personal Backup, which the company also plans to port to Mac OS X.

DiskGuard protects all SCSI and IDE hard disks, Zip and Jaz cartridges, and floppy disks from unauthorized access, both on individual computers and across a network.

FileGuard provides complete user access management for file, folder, disk and application protection on individual computers, or over a network.

Personal Backup provides a range of backup functions and runs at pre-determined times, so users don't need to worry about remembering to back up their data.