Apple has released Mac OS X Server 10.2.4, updating its server OS to the current version number of its stand-alone products.

The update introduces support for IP over FireWire, previously available as a developers seed. Its inclusion means Mac OS Server 10.2.4 can utilize high-speed, low-latency interconnects for clustering and IP failover solutions over FireWire.

Apple said: "The update Delivers enhanced functionality and improved reliability for the following applications, services and technologies: AFP, SMB and NFS file services, DHCP, NetBoot, Open Directory, QuickTime Streaming Server, Sendmail and Workgroup Manager. It prevents Xserve drives from being unmounted while locked, provides Digest authentication for WebDAV, management of Energy Saver settings, and supports NetBoot images greater than 2 GB in size. The update also provides the latest Security Updates."

Additional features include: improvements of the representation of Server CPU usage using the Server Status tool; a new Apache authentication module and the ability to process rendezvous directives to the Web server.

Two versions of the update are available: a one-point version upgrade from Mac OS X Sever 10.2.3 and a combined update to take Mac OS X Server versions 10.2, 10.2.1 or 10.2.2 to version 10.2.4.