Apple has updated Mac OS X Server, announcing a version 10.1 update at Seybold yesterday.

Apple's VP of worldwide product marketing, Phil Schiller, said: "With Mac OS X Server v.10.1, we've delivered a modern. Unix-based server built on open standards. It sets a new standard in simplicity of installation and administration."

Just like Mac OS X 10.1, the upgrade introduces system-wide performance gains - relilability, server-side application launching and file transfer speeds are all significantly faster than before.

The upgrade adds RAID support to Apple's Unix-based server product. It also introduces enhancements to NetBoot and Macintosh Manager 2.1. It integrates new updates to various constituent elements of the package - including Apache, Samba and a new release of QuickTime Streaming Server, version 3.0.2.

The Mac OS X Server v10.1 software upgrade package is available from Apple and costs £14.95. It includes the version 10.1 upgrade CD, Macintosh Manager 2,1 CD, the NetBoot CD and a Developer Tools CD.

Mac OS X Server 10.1 costs £680 (excluding VAT) for an unlimited number of users. The previously available ten-client version can be updated to support unlimited clients for £340 (excluding VAT). The server software package also ships with Apple's currently available 733MHz G4 server Power Mac.