Apple has updated Mac OS X 10.2 Server to version 10.2.2. The release coincides with that of the Mac OS X 10.2.2 update, which was released last night.

This update is available through the Software Update feature of the OS.

A new journaling feature is introduced in this release for the Mac OS Extended (HFS+) file system. This technology protects the file system on a server. This feature makes for "rapid file recovery", and automatically logs file system transactions. No drive reformatting is required to utilize this feature. It is particularly useful when recovering the system from an unexpected shutdown or power failure.

Apple claims: "The operating system can use the journal to return the file system to a known, consistent state after a failure. This eliminates the need to perform a consistency check on the entire file system during startup. Instead, when the server is restarted, Mac OS X Server simply replays recent transactions in the journal, bringing the system up to date and resuming operations that were interrupted during the failure. With a journaled file system, server restart takes just seconds - regardless of the number of files or the size of the volume."

The feature is backward compatible. Apple warns that, as the feature does not protect the contents of files or prevent data loss, it is best used in conjunction with protected RAID storage and back-up.

Apple has a full explanation of additional features within the update available as PDF files for download from the company's Web site.