Pixar, the other company run by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, is up for an Oscar for its fully computer-animated 'Monsters, Inc' movie after the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences added a new Oscars category for feature-length animations – the first new award to be created in 20 years.

The category will recognize animated films more than 70 minutes long, which have been some of the biggest box-office successes of recent years, but have rarely been considered for the best picture prize.

'Monsters, Inc' and its main rival for the 2002 Oscar, 'Shrek', have taken more than $200m each at the box office.

The first Oscar for the best feature-length animation will be given at next year's awards, to be held in Los Angeles in March.

The new award will reward the all-round production of the film - script, performances and score - not just the quality of the animation.