Ovolab has released Phlink 3, the latest version of its telephony software for Mac OS X.

The release - a Universal binary - adds new features such as call snooping, advanced multiple voice mailbox features and remote control of Elgato's EyeTV.

With call snooping active, Phlink records all conversations that take place on the phone line, regardless of whether Phlink has answered the phone or not.

The feature works with any call that takes place on the phone line, including conference calls, and can play a periodic beep to notify other parties that the call is being recorded. Call recordings are stored as audio files on the user's Mac: they can be labelled, annotated, browsed and sorted using Phlink, and they are even indexed for Spotlight searches.

Phlink supports 10-digit and 11-digit dialling as well as international dialling, and automatically picks all the necessary prefixes and country codes when dialling international phone numbers.

The new Voice Mailbox Setup wizard can create an unlimited number of voice mailboxes. For each mailbox, users can record their own greeting and choose which email address to forward the voicemail messages to.

Users who prefer to check voicemail by remotely dialling into Phlink, rather than receiving the messages by email, can retrieve voicemail messages over the phone.

The software also lets Elgato users schedule recordings remotely over the phone using a secret code on the telephone keypad.

Ovolab Phlink 3.0 is available now and costs $149.95 plus shipping.
Phlink 2.0 users can upgrade to version 3 for $39.95.