"Staying out for the summer" may have been a hit by UK band Dodgy, but if online music providers have it their way music fans will stay indoors this year.

Yet another digital distribution service has been announced – this time from UK charity, Oxfam. This service (powered by the OD2 network) will launch tomorrow in Europe. OD2 powers multiple services in this territory, with partners including MyCokeMusic and Tiscali.

The UK music market also saw Napster launch here last week, with Sony's Connect service promised to launch next month. Apple has so far remained tight-lipped regarding its own iTunes Music Store Europe plans.

The Oxfam service will offer tracks at between 75-99p per track, out of which 10p will go to fight poverty. The service will launch with 300,000 available songs.

"Music lovers get great tracks, and artists see their music helping some of the poorest people in the world through real cash support," said Adrian Lovett, Oxfam's director of campaigns and communications.