Apple Australia has angered local resellers with its decision to appoint NCR as national online warranty services provider there.

The company has chosen to give NCR a "substantial portion" of its on-site warranty business. The move mainly affects warranty and service provision in the education sector, reports ITNet. NCR is expected to take full control within 12 months.

Apple resellers in Australia providing maintenance and warranty services claim the move will hurt their business.

KNet Technology proprietor Joe Knagge said 80 per cent of his company's business comes from warranty provision for Australia's education market: "It seriously affects my business. We’re an approved service centre and reseller – up to 80 per cent of my Apple revenues could be affected. It’s just another multinational taking over small business," he said. Other resellers have made similar complaints.

An Apple Australia statement says: "Apple Australia is committed to providing all of its customers with the highest level of service. To that end, Apple Australia has entered into a national service provider agreement with NCR. NCR will provide on-site service for certain Australian government, education and enterprise customers who have stringent response-time service level agreements."

Apple's Australian branch is also involved in a long-standing legal action bought against it which relates to the failure of local reseller Buzzle.