It's your last chance to pretend to be Irish in 2000, as today is St Patrick's Day – and several Macintosh Web sites are there to help you celebrate and spread the blarney.

The popular special-edition e-cards featured at the Mac Cards Web site will be taken off the site after this all-green weekend. Apple is likely to do the same with its own range of St Patrick's Day e-cards on its iCards Web site.

Drink different Simon Jones, the Mac Cards' creator, has been surprised at the popularity of the Paddy-themed Mac Cards. "The most popular card out of the five is one of a pint of 'Macness'. It's actually a pint of Guinness with the slogan 'Drink different'. People have really gone wild over that card."

Jones claims that over the past ten days over 48,000 Mac Cards have been sent - the vast majority of which have been the special-edition St Patrick's Day ones.

Asked how he thinks Mac Cards compares with Apple's own St Patrick Day iCards, Jones is upbeat. "Apple has done a great job with iCards. I think that it's a superb e-card site. I don't compare Mac Cards to iCards because - apart from the obvious Apple link - they are actually completely different in every way. iCards is very much a site full of 'postcard-like' images, whereas Mac Cards is really more about fun and the Mac. I think our sites are very much aimed at different people."

The special-edition Mac Cards are always "very popular", according to Jones. "The Valentines Day cards created an amazing response. I suppose our next special-edition cards will be at Easter, although I have no idea what we'll come up with then," he mused.