Adobe has released its 7.0.1 update for PageMaker 7.0.

The update addresses several issues "discovered after PageMaker 7.0 was released", the company says. Links to the update and further information are available on Adobe's site.

PageMaker 7.0 is Adobe's business desktop-publishing application. It's aimed at users who want professional design-tools, but who aren't professional designers themselves. It costs £405, with the upgrade costing £58. Both prices are VAT-exclusive.

The update fixes several system-level problems, including an unexpected application quit, and display of PageMaker 6.0 files in the Open dialogue box in the application. PageMaker 6.5 library files can now be opened in the application without returning an error.

Two key fixes have been made in the Save for Service Provider function; PageMaker 7.0.1 does not now shut down when the notes included in a package contain a large amount of text. The application also does not shut down when packaging documents that contain an image on the master page.

Other improvements have also been made in the application's Export PDF feature. Importing Microsoft Word, RTF and Excel files has been improved, with additional characters no longer added by the application.