Adobe has confirmed it has dumped PageMill, the company’s low-priced Web design product.

The product has been discontinued in favour of development of GoLive, according to a MacNN story. "Although not formally announced, PageMill was discontinued in March. Adobe will now concentrate its efforts on its high-end Web-design product GoLive, and its professional users," said Adobe spokeswoman Stephanie Krueger.

Speculation over the death of PageMill began after Adobe bought GoLive Cyberstudio from GoLive Systems in January 1999. At first the company denied it planned to drop PageMill’s development, but there were no upgrades. Meanwhile, the company went ahead with revamping GoLive.

The report says that Adobe has not yet devised a plan for PageMill 3 users to upgrade to GoLive 5, which is due to ship in the UK in July, but a plan could be in place during the next quarter.