A Californian court has ruled that Palm did not infringe patents in judgement of a lawsuit filed two years ago by E-Pass Technologies.

Judge Lowell Jensen granted Palm's request for summary judgment in the case. Palm CEO Eric Benhamou said the company is “gratified that still another baseless claim of patent infringement was thrown out”.

Last month a Delaware court ruled in a separate case that Palm did not infringe on patents held by software and component maker NCR.

E-Pass's lawsuit, filed in February 2000, alleged that 3Com – which later spun-off Palm into a separate company – infringed on a patent filed in 1994 by Hartmut Hennige, founder of E-Pass Technologies. Hennige's patent was for a multifunction, credit-card-size computer that could be used to store multiple account numbers securely and retrieve information from other personal documents such as credit cards, according.

E-Pass's lawsuit accused 3Com of advertising, promoting and selling its products with literature that instructed customers on how to use them in ways described very specifically in Hennige's patent.