Note to readers: At 5pm UK time, Palm has still not updated its Web site to reflect information delivered in this story, which is based on a release from the company distributed this morning. The link in this story takes interested parties to an area to download a beta version of the application. Palm has been approached for clarification.

Palm has released its Palm Desktop 4.0 application for Macintosh users.

This version offers Mac OS X support, improved handheld-to-desktop synchronization, and can use multiple languages. It also offers vCard (address-book information) and vCal (calendar) support for the first time.

Kevin Hell, senior vice president of the product management solutions group, said: “This highly anticipated release offers Macintosh users improved synchronization, new features for sharing information with other Mac and Windows users, plus the simple elegance Macintosh users have come to expect from Palm and Apple. Over 140,000 customers have already downloaded the beta version, and Palm’s top software developers are upgrading their applications to ensure synchronization with popular Mac applications.”

Apple’s vice president of worldwide developer relations, Ron Okamoto, welcomed the release: “Apple is very excited about Palm Desktop 4.0 for Mac. It’s a great addition to the thousands of native Mac OS X applications available today”.

Upgrades on the way Palm’s developer community is already working on upgrading its products to supoport the new OS. These include FileMaker, DataViz, MeetingMaker, and Microsoft. The upgrades are necessary because after installing Palm Desktop 4.0, users will have to upgrade their existing software in order to synchronize with new desktop software.

“FileMaker Mobile 2 Companion for Palm OS, which will ship this May, will be ready-to-run on Palm Desktop software 4.0 for Mac,” said FileMaker’s director of product management, Chris Trytten. “Our support for this latest version of Palm Desktop ensures seamless connectivity between desktop and mobile databases as more and more people make Mac OS X their primary computing platform.”

Palm Desktop 4.0 is available for free download. French, Italian, German and Spanish-language versions of the new OS will be available later this year, Palm says.