Palm has announced the dates of its third European Forum for the Palm OS platform.

PalmSource Forum Europe 2001 will include product announcements, keynote speeches and presentations from Palm and key players in the Palm world. It takes place from January 31 to February 2 in Amsterdam.

The event is expected to be the biggest European forum of its type and is a chance for Palm's 30,000-strong European developer community to meet with users and developers from across the world.

"Palm has seen tremendous growth in its developer community this year and the event will be an opportunity for us to provide tools and support and showcase solutions for the entire Palm economy," said Gabriel Acosta-Lopez, senior director, global platform alliances and partners services.

He added: "With our presence in so many market segments expanding, PalmSource Forum Europe 2001 is an opportunity for new and current members of the Palm Economy to participate in a dynamic community and to capitalize on emerging opportunities as the industry grows"

The forum begins with a keynote speech by Alan Kessler, Palm chief operating officer. For more information click here.