Europe's first connectivity solution allowing Palm-owning Macintosh users to work remotely from their PDA has been launched by TDK Systems, Europe.

Palm Virtual Network Connection (Palm VNC) lets Palm users view and control a Mac, PC or Unix desktop from any location, claims the company.

It does so by connecting using a GSM phone and TDK's GlobalPulse mobile-communications application. The desktop of the remote computer is mirrored on the Palm's screen, so it's possible to access and work on documents remotely. Download time is kept to a minimum by the combined technologies.

TDK Europe's head of sales Tim Hillman said: "GlobalPulse with PalmVNC cuts through the hype surrounding wireless technology and proves the possibility of real applications that have a function in everyday life. The solution lets users collect email, access office-based Intranets and also connect to the Internet over a mobile phone."

PalmVNC will be available free to GlobalPulse users. GlobalPulse will cost £49 in the UK. The solution will be available in 68K and PowerPC versions. Details of how the solution can access Macs held on internal networks – and how the solution can by-pass Firewalls – are also unavailable at this time. TDK expect to release these details "later today".